Artists statement

My style is deeply influenced by nature, particularly by the elements of wind and wave. My work seeks to freeze glass in the flow and motion of nature in my abstract pieces; whereas in my representational pieces, I choose to reflect elegance and grace.

One of the reasons that I love glass so much is that it is a medium bound by constraints. Glass is brittle, yet strong. It is easily broken, yet if respected, can be eternally preserved. It is dark, and yet when the Lights of this world shines through it, it not only is transformed into a thing of beauty, but transforms everything around it. And as such, it has a mystical element to it that cannot be denied.

Cold glass is an inflexible material that prefers straight lines, simplicity, geometry. It wants, and often needs to be structured by these laws. That is why I love pushing glass to its limits, stretching its curves even to the breaking point. The ultimate challenge of glass is forcing it out of its structure; in pushing its boundaries further with each piece in time while maintaining its stability as a whole.

I have always found my own life to have similar constraints, challenges and contradictions. It is a medium well suited to reflect the journey that Life has presented to my spirit, soul and body; both to enjoy and to overcome.