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Stained Glass Jewelry

Made with lead free solder and sterling silver components

genuine gemstones, vintage gems, Swarovski crystal & more!


Stained Glass Panels

All pieces designed by Gretchen R Shutt.

"Tiffany" style copper foil technique.

Over 30 years experience.



Collector's & Parlor Edition Stained Glass Kaleidoscopes made of premier front surface mirror, gemstones, mineral specimens, vintage jewels, copper foil and so much more.  No two alike!


Gemstone Jewelry

I have been making jewelry since my preteens when I went up the mountain to take jewelry lessons from the local hippies.  That's when I started being a little Hip Chick! 

Since then I have held onto my passion for the beautiful things of the earth, most of which are precious gemstones, pearls and metals from the earth. I learned classic jewelry techniques in college (I earned a BFA in Crafts), but deserted all I had when I took off to explore other countries and cultures. 

Needless to say, I have grown up since then.  I have tasted the world, and have found what is good.  I have learned to appreciate what makes things enduring and classic in nature,  but I never lost my love for jewelry and the comfort I receive from forming and fashioning work from my hands.

And so, I am back to the beads and the wire I started with. My love for the beautiful things remains.  Here's to all you modern bohemians and art lovers!

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handmade artisan jewelry and stained glass window panels, kaleidoscopes and more!

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